2016: The Year of Clarity

Swirling vessel
Peace Entwining

My head was spinning.
When I created my initial website back in 2008: www.TheSoulRemains.com, it was a huge step. I was putting myself out there. Sharing the work of my soul, for the souls of those passed on.
Then the web world exploded. (Boom)
It is now 2016 and these are the new tools: Blogger. WordPress. SquareSpace. Wix. Etsy. Shopify. Tumbler. Twitter. Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram. Oh. My. Goodness….
And those are just the tools I am aware of. Just imagine what new things are coming down the pike!
Working to remove the web I have woven – a pretty convoluted one at that – this is my 2016 mission. I need to clean house.

What changes have I made thus far?
The Keyhole Studio Facebook page
is now called “The Soul Remains“. I look forward to broadening that
name (which I love) to include not only urns and keepsakes, but my other
work – functional pieces to be used and loved in the home. IE:
Platters, vases, bowls, etc….. Special pieces for special moments.

So be aware. Things are changing for my internet presence. And if you happen to find a glitch along the way – or can’t find me for a while – please drop me a line and let me know. I am doing my best. And the even better is yet to come.
Your wish is my command: to be able to easily find my work, and to be able to easily acquire what resonates with your needs and desires.
(And of course you will still be able to hear me on the soapbox…ahem, I mean ‘blog’….)

Until then, stay here. Stay tuned! And Live Fully!


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