A challenge for myself

I am such an advocate of viewing inspiring art. I make a trek to the MIA quite frequently for that worldly experience. There are also some fabulous galleries locally that I go to as well. Like the Art Center of Saint Peter, the Hillstrom Gallery at Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Carnegie Art Center of Mankato.
This week I made an impromptu visit to the MIA because I am giving myself a challenge.
I love the Art in Bloom spring exhibit that has occurred for quite a few years, and attend this event as often as I can. The thought of interpreting art through flowers is so refreshing, and challenging! Some arrangements are really out there.
Oh, the artists of the floral arrangements are very serious about this exhibit too! Daily, carting their wagons full of fresh replacement flowers, plucking the wilting petals. The new debutants standing at attention for their moment of fame, until the next round of replacements come in during this four day fashion extravaganza.
Actually it is a sensory overload of the most rewarding kind. The galleries are ethereal with the fragrance of fresh flowers. The sculptural movement of the arrangements make you feel like moving with the twists and turns that are made with twigs, and greenery.

And the vessels.
The vessels.
These are the under-stated acoutrement of each arrangement.

The best arrangements in my estimation are elevated to a higher level of exquisiteness with vessels created by artists in their own right.
Oh to be one of those…..(sigh)

So back to my challenge.
Every time I visit the MIA, I gravitate towards my favorites. And then there are the new additions. The recently acquireds. Ahhhh.
And so I decided to do my own interpretation of Art in Bloom.  

Yesterday, with my cell phone in hand, I took ‘snapshots’. (No they were not high photograph quality, however they are great for my interpretation.)
And so I will begin to share with you…
My favorite art pieces, and the creations I make that are inspired by these works of art.

I hope you enjoy them as I share the process and evolution with you.
Yes it takes me a while to go from start to finish. (About 4 – 6 weeks) So you will have to ‘hook-up’ with me so you see the finished product when it is complete.

Note I took lots of images, so there is not only one I will be creating!
In the meantime…..breathe in Spring!!!

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