A friend asked me the other day how people react when I bring urns into a conversation when talking about my art work.
Responses ranging from uncomfortable, to raising an eyebrow. “Really???”
being a frequent.  I can just see the question rolling in their brain “Who in their right mind would make urns unless they were a bit quirky themselves.” Really! However I believe the hesitant responses may be more from the topic it is connected to:
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I do not want to be, nor believe I am the first to inform them that we all die.
More softly I could respond with “We all are going to pass from this life as we know it.” 

So it begs the question – Why do I create urns?

Before I delve into the question, I need to put this out there – Some people correlate passions as hobbies. What do you do if it is more than a hobby? The statement that resonates more with my art and who I am is this: I am passionate about life.  And I express that passion through my art as a way of life.  

When I began carving wheel thrown vessels, I put all of my being into it. My beliefs, my hopes, my dreams, my intuitive thoughts, all flowing into each piece.
And my question was “Would people see it? Would they get it?”
Some. Others would pass it by without a hesitation nor bother delving into a deeper reflection of the creation. Seeing a pretty piece.

I realized that what I put into each piece was easily lost with the general audience. I desired a connection on a more intimate level with a recipient who felt the reverence and the celebration.
So I did some soul searching and re-searching to find an avenue that would align with what I put into my pieces.

The link. Passion.
I believe there is a connection between those left behind and those loved ones who have passed on. When someone passes on, it is our mission to carry their passions in life forward.  Their wisdom, the essence of their spirit, their passion for living. It is our responsibility to carry those stories forward.

So to answer the question – I create urns – for others – as vessels that represent the essence of those who pass before us. To carry their rich story, wise and inspirational spirit, and humble passions forward – for the living.

Live fully,


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