A letter to myself.

A woman artist whom I have admired for years, approached me the other day.  We talked about a vessel I am creating for her.
As we discussed things, I shared something I am passionate about. Stories. Our stories. And I continued to share with her, my memory scrolls concept. Suddenly she became teary eyed. This resonated with her so much so, that it transformed her vessel, from one signifying an end – to an art form filled with life. Her life. As she is living, now.

Golden Moments

It will be a beautiful vessel housing precious memories, stories, trinkets, and what-have-you’s that inspired her, created her, molded her. And they will be shared richly.
I am so excited for her as she begins to write her memory scrolls!

Ironically, I created a ton of memories with 735 students last week. Some experiencing clay on the wheel for the first time. Priceless! And that brings me to this morning as I gathered up my thoughts and planned my week.  I
realized teaching for four days threw my writing off a bit. And that’s ok!

So jump back to last Thursdays question for the memory scrolls.
Write a short letter. To yourself – as a teenager – from you – now – as an adult. 
What important message would you tell yourself?
Share it in your own memory vessel.

Living fully – carving a life,


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