A New Perspective

An elder, and an inspired 7th grader.
Searching for simple answers.
Nothing profound actually.
Just two people working on perspective drawing.
One age 13, the other, age 72.

This is a true story about the power of connection.
The setting: a community room in the public library
The purpose: play time

There really is nothing special about this story.
Except that it is a testament to the way we as humans interact. And the ripple effect it causes.

These creatively engaged people had been gathering for a couple of weeks, after school.
Sitting on either side of the table. Chatting, drawing, creating. On this given day, the subject of perspective drawing was discussed. And the answers were shared via sketches and conversation. Learning how to give depth to a drawing with perspective.

One answer followed another question. This time the question posed by the elder.
And this time the answer provided by the seventh grader. And from that conversation the bridge grew. One retired life was re-opening doors to the world of community.

For you see, the seventh grader across the table was involved in a middle school play. And this simple exchange of information became the gateway. To a richer life.
The elder felt a connection, and wanting to support the students’ theater involvement, the elder attended the play, offering support the student would have otherwise missed.

I am witness to the power of inter-generational bonding.
What they found – was connection.
Irreplaceable. Authentic. Meaningful. Connection.

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