A quest: motorcycling at 45

Bowl @ The Keyhole Studio
Carved Bowl

In earlier years…like ten years ago, I conquered a huge conquest.
I passed my cycle training. IE: Motorcycle training.
Yes, two wheels. Motor included!

I had been riding ‘two up’ with my husband on a larger motorcycle for many years up to that point. Then, our son, having turned seventeen, decided (after a year of contemplation) that indeed he would go to cycle training….with his mom! 😀 That’s me!

It was – and still is – a great memory of mine. “Training” might not come across to you as a great memory. However, when you are a mom, and you offer the opportunity to do something that is life changing together – and they say “Yes”? YOU JUMP ON IT!

And I did. We did!
What a blast! Of course our son passed with flying colors. In fact the trainer ‘bowed down’ in admiration for how well he passed! And me? Well, my flying colors were not quite so admired, but oh, the power of ‘You Passed!’….and by more than by just a point or two I might add!

Trempealeau Hotel Garden
Trempealeau Hotel Garden

And here I am. Eleven years later, going on forty thousand miles of solo riding, and I can honestly say – “Wow, what a ride!”

I have to chuckle when I talk to our son now. California wind in his hair. And complaining when 60+ degrees is their seasonal cut off. Oh my goodness! We have stories of riding in the 40’s! Sounds similar to a fishing story. (LOL)

In this north country, I will prompt you…get out and enjoy those country roads! Listen to the corn grow. Watch the leaves turn. And hear the sounds of the season. This trip called life is awesome!

As the riding lingo goes….”keep the rubber side down!”

Living fully – carving a life,




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