A Sculptural Twist

I have loved working with wire since I was in my mid-teens.

It all started when my grandmother had the family members all bring a handmade ornament to decorate the Christmas tree. I had relented. Then I saw the wonderfully created ornaments on the tree. I wanted to chime in with my part. However it was too late, for it was already Christmas.
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 Or, maybe it wasn’t too late. I dug around in my grandmothers what not drawers and found some odds and ends of wire and a pliers. It was my first experience with working with wire. I made a simple little piece spelling out Christmas. I will never forget that day. It was my first introduction to thinking outside my box.

Flash forward some thirty-five years. I was learning how to make adornments with a local jeweler. My rusty thoughts had returned and my previous connection to wire was reborn.

Now I have pulled the world of wire into my world of clay. The two work.
Creating wire sculptures that adorn textured urns. Somehow I find a strong connection, merging these elements together: nature, wire, and clay.

I hope you find they resonate in a wonderful way.

Live fully,


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