A Service Announcement to ‘this drama’.

I have been listening. Just as you probably have been. Wondering how can it get ‘any crazier’!

And as I go about my day, I feel this heaviness. This sickness in my gut.
I have gone full-circle on this. Wondering what to do! From believing that keeping the positive outlook on life is stronger than the negative. To deciding I needed to ‘do’ something. I started to act against the drama. But the problem was – I became part of the drama! That dark cloud, and that feeling in my gut? It did not go away!!! I don’t know about you, but drama is not healthy! I have been through cancer. I know that how I feel, and how I act, comes out in ways that are definitely NOT on our radar.

So here is where I landed. This is nothing new. Dissent has been brewing for decades. Centuries! And it is just finally ripening.

I believe, and yes, this is my blog, this is my opinion…..so I will say again – I believe – that every one of us, every human-being….has a heart and a mind that directs their actions – because of their own need to feel wanted, loved, and heard.

I know this is over-simplifying, but I believe that this is the answer to the drama.

First, here are some questions for you.

Do you believe that you have the right to exist in this world?
Do you believe that you should be treated equally?
Do you believe that your feelings should be heard?

Of course my list could, pretty easily, go on and on.
But this is the very core, right?

So how did you answer those questions?
Are they all ‘yes’?

My point is this – that answer should apply to  e v e r y o n e!
Globally! No one person on this earth is of more ‘value’ than another!

So how do we get to a better place?
By understanding. Acknowledging to each other that we all have these wants and rights.
AND – that we need to work  t o g e t h e r!

This is not easy work.
This is something that we ALL need to invest in!
This is not about red vs blue. This is about US.

So how can we be the change?
By starting the conversation – with your neighbor. And listening to their concerns.
Not waiting for that opportunity for you to get your point across. That is not listening.
Their concerns are just as valid as yours.

An easy start:
So come up with one ‘problem’ that you and your neighbor can land on. Now, do some problem solving. And then between the two of you – agree on how to make that shift. I dare you.
Create an action that is for the betterment of us all.

And make these the new guidelines:
We have the right to exist in this world.
We have the right to be treated equally.
Our feelings count.

If you are sick of ‘this’, and ‘want to be in this world’, ‘want to be yourself’, ‘want to be happy’ where you live, then start the conversation – instead soaking in the drama. Because accepting drama is relinquishing to someone else’s power and is the means to the betterment of someone else’s existence, with a country that will have one very drama driven view – Theirs and theirs alone.

Be better than that. Be WE instead of ME.

Living fully – carving a life, and sharing some love!


3 Responses

  1. Launa Helder
    | Reply

    Thank you for this.❤

  2. Deb Mattson
    | Reply

    I agree to my core. Very well said

  3. Shannon Dietrich
    | Reply

    Beautiful, we are ALL family!!

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