(Another) “Aha” moment

clay-wheelA group of women and I have begun reading the book “Stoking the Creative Fires” by Phil Cousineau, as a part of a creative journey – of our own.
Kindling the creative muse inside each of us.  All in our group are artists, so this book is quite fitting.

However the “aha” moment for me came while reading an entry where they were comparing the creative process with that analogy of life and time – and the turning wheel.
I read it and just kept on reading.
Then this slight gnaw crept into my brain.
Wheel….potter….circle of life….wheel of time….endless journey….journey of creativity….

Suddenly, I realized I was looking at my own personal journey.

I have reshaped my  life – intentionally – to Not revolve around a time clock. And to immerse myself in each second…each minute of life as it happens.

I continued to read…”it’s endless line suggests infinity, the way time moves, becoming and passing, symbolizing unity, perfection, and eternal progress.”

Amazed at the thought that pottery and working on the potters wheel has been such an integral part of my life, I find that life indeed is like that creative process – making a piece out of clay. Morphing, compressing, centering, shaping, expanding, and then the circle is continuously time traveling around from the initial point of beginning, and melding into a shape that is challenged by gravitational pulls until the shape comes into fruition ….not on its own accord but through the collaborative accumulation of efforts and serendipitous moments called life.

Ok for some, this might sound ‘out there’, however it really made me pause!
Is there really an end? Or is it a re-entry to begin again and see what revelations and life experiences are to be added to this life already lived.
What wisdoms will be added to the basket?


“imagine the wheel of time turning in a seemingly endless round, revealing that the beginning is the end of another beginning…” by Phil Cousineau.


Quite profound don’t you think?

Living fully – carving a life,


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