Artistic Urns

One World Memorials Artistic Urns and Handmade Lidded Jars

The urns and keepsakes that I create have their own story to share. These one of a kind artistic creations are handmade through the use of clay on a potters wheel, throwing a shape, and then designing and carving elements unique to that vessel. Each one is carved with deep respect and an integrity for the loved one this urn or keepsake will represent.

Because of the special attention I give to each piece, joining up with Ira Woods and One World Memorials is a natural fit. Through his direction, this company assists those seeking vessels for their beloveds who have passed on, and their personal service is what sets them apart.
Through a wide range of vessels, from urns for the home, to scattering vessels and biodegradable vessels, he can be of assistance to any client. And that is why I am grateful to have joined up with Ira and his team in offering my urns and keepsakes – both the handmade stoneware vessels, and the bronze cast keepsakes.
The complete selection available is here.
For viewing of the pieces in my collection, follow to this link.

For pieces that celebrate many more of life’s defining moments, check out my shop. You will find bowls for nurturing, vases for sharing, platters to pass, and bronzes for enduring memories.

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