As the World Turns

This Earth is a living entity…..

It is a breathing, living organism. And it is suffering. Yet we are refusing to see what we as humans are doing to it. The time line has been set. And yet we ignore it. Why?
Because it feels too daunting? Is it because we think it will be too painful to make the changes that are necessary?

But how painful is it to the earth? You might think this is ‘far-fetched’ for just a second. But you know. You KNOW. That the truth is inside of each and every one of us.
You are right. No ONE can do it alone. But – AND – someone – someone – has to take ownership, and start the shift. Just ONE is all it takes. To start the shift. To make a ripple.

Do you have children? Do you have grandchildren?
Imagine the dark ages. This will be as dark as those days for your children and your grandchildren. Your bloodlines. Your loved ones. And let me make it more graspable. Eleven years. That is it. It will be too late – in eleven years. That means you may even be here to see the change that breaks the mold of possibilities of shifting and making this place better for them. We will be held accountable for making this earth a suffering place for them. We live in a world that has pointed fingers for decades. But as I shared recently….the hand that points the finger has four more that are pointing back at the hand owner.

There used to be a great soap opera called “As the World Turns”.  I believe it may even still be active. But think about that phrase. As the World Turns. It will always turn. But it will not thrive – as the term thrive means to proliferate. To be healthy. To share the gifts. The earth has paid greatly for all of the sacrifices it has made in the world of ‘prosperity’ or ‘power’. It is really that simple.

This world was not created with money in mind. Do you agree?
This world was not made for a ‘few’. It was made for all existing and living creatures. We as humans, are one of the creatures that lives on earth. Yet we seem to have this mind set that we are all powerful over the other creatures that live here. Not so true. We will be one of many that suffer when that shift of suffering occurs. It will not be just the plants. It will not be just the wild creatures. It will be us as well.

So how can we make that shift?

Use your feet. Use the resources that are sustainable. Use your inventive thinking. Live within your means. Live with what is necessary. Be vocal to your congressional constituents that the time for change is now. Buy wisely. Recycle. Support locally. Live more simply. Take ownership in how this world is being shaped. It only takes one.

Be the one.

Living fully – carving a life,


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