Bearing witness

New Fallen Snow. The magic kind. Sparkling. In the sunshine.

There are those moments. Like the magic of a new fallen snow. That you want to share. The feeling of – beauty – love of life – being grateful for your own existence. That is when it hurts the most. When you feel the void. That the person who was your witness – to living, is no longer with you – physically.

We as humans have that need for witness. And this is the something new that you navigate. Like a vast ocean. On a rolling sea. Will there be a another someoneĀ who will resonate with how you see life? You wonder. You live your life independently. You embrace every day. No, there is no need to be ‘connected at the hip – to someone’ as they say. But when there are those moments. When life strikes you with a richness. You want to be there. Right there. Present with them. Experiencing that richness – witnessing that richness beside them.

Those are the times you want to share. Celebration. Joy.

However there are also the other moments.
Yes, you know your loved one is always there, even though they have crossed over. You call out to them, to be with you, especially on those days that are challenging. You send them a message, to please be there with you. And they respond. On an eagle’s wing – they respond. Flying overhead, quietly, lovingly. And you crumble to the ground, In tears of sadness, humbleness, joy.


And again, it is in that moment. That you want to share…with that someone – bearing witness. To life. To richness. To all of it.

I am on that ocean.

Living fully – carving a life,


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