Bigger than myself

Living BigWe are all sacred beings. Celebrating our uniqueness on this earth. Whether we ‘agree’ to participate or not is our choosing.

I choose to participate as much as I can. Engaging others in experiences that make their own days ‘richer’. Even crossing bridges normally only viewed from our safe places.

Over the course of this last decade and a half, I have had this dream – to cross bridges of gender, age, race, and beliefs, to tell stories through art. To enrich the lives of those shared with. To remind people that their journeys are for a reason and that it is important to express and to share. Helping others to realize they are not alone in their sorrows, frustrations, humilities, or sadness. Teaching all – that we can safely be expressive and not steeped in our emotions alone. Bringing beauty forward – even through our pain.

In the last weeks of the year 2016, I was assisted in writing a grant that I alone could not write.
It was a powerful example of serendipity. An organization having a fundamental ‘inter-generational’ focus, a school having students who are willing to step outside of the box, and myself carrying that multi-year passion in my back pocket. Until Connected bronze castthe grant.

Now – the grant has been approved! And I am so humbled to know that this pilot program is going to be launched in March. My daughter captured my feeling readily, when I told her it was approved. “This is ‘bigger than yourself’!”

I am going to ask you to carry this program in your hearts. To hold it dearly, as I am, and bless it for whatever it is to become.

Living fully – carving a life.




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