black and white – the human condition

lake-daltonOur days are snippets of beauty. Even in black and white.

However many would say life is not that simple. Black. and. White.

There are many points of view that get kinda murky. Or blurred. Or cross the line. And you would be true about that. Life is not that simple.

And to that point, we are in a very profound time. This country. We seem so divided. One side vs the other.
I challenge us all. To look deeply past the stances we are hearing every day in the political arena. And to reflect on our own behavior. We do not have to be ‘the political leaders’ to make a difference. We all have something we are passionate about. Shailene Woodley is passionate. And she is sharing it with us all on live video. Her activity came up on my facebook today and it made me ponder the question: What do I do – that is for the better of the human condition? Shailene was live on FB at the non-violent protest in North Dakota after the denial of an injunction request was announced last night.  She was arrested for ‘trespassing’. The North Dakota Access Pipeline is a volatile and earth altering activity that will affect the globe. That is more than you and me folks. And she is right. Yes, we all use bi-products of crude oil. However, if we don’t listen to our conscience and challenge and open the eyes of ourselves and those around us, the businesses that be will continue the cycle. There are other ways to create power. We already have that knowledge. Yes, it takes effort, and it takes money out of the hands of others. And it might be ‘inconvenient’ to make a change. It’s just this simple. We are a world of individuals. We feel we don’t have any power to change the world. These people are being peaceful in sending their message. Unlike some others who use force and violence as a means of ‘power’…

And peaceful people are making a difference.

#NoDAPL Get the word out.

Life is not black and white!

Living fully – carving a life,


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