Bowls abound

Souper Bowl
Image by Clay Center, Arts Center of Saint Peter

This last weekend I was part of a throw-a-thon! Again 🙂

It brought me back to many years ago…actually back in 1995-1997 and in 1999-2002. As a board member and fellow potter at the then Southern Minnesota Clay Center. Every spring – Super Bowl Sunday weekend to be exact – we would have a Souper Bowl of our own – a fabulous celebration for the clay center.
Creating about 200 bowls in throw-a-thon weekends and evenings, we would throw, trim, and glaze the ceramic bowls, and then sell the bowls with free soup and fresh bread to go with the bowl at the Souper Bowl event.
It was so fabulous… Small tables set for 4 people, table clothes, candles, and ambiance lighting sprinkled around the dining area, to give a homey atmosphere. It was magical!
And it is a robust event now as well as then. It is a different location, thus a new atmosphere because of the change of location. And that is in part due to the popularity, which has grown to a whopping 400 bowls event!

Image by Clay Center, Arts Center of Saint Peter

Thatsalotta bowls!
If you are in the area, come join in and come away with a handcrafted one of a kind ceramic bowl.
You will grab for it every time once it is home in your cupboard. Guaranteed.

Living fully – carving a life,


Event info:
March 17, 4-7 pm
American Legion
229 W. Nassau, Saint Peter MN

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