Ashes in the closet.

How many of you are aware of someone housing a loved ones’ ashes – in a closet? I have heard people say in passing…”yeah, I have ______’s ashes in my closet.” It might pose a question in our minds and … Read More

How do I find a beautiful artistic handcrafted cremation urn?

  Say you are searching for a special urn to purchase on line. You start with the word search….and quickly learn that the terms can be tricky and they can become a conundrum. To say the least. How do we … Read More


People say artists are a different breed. I admit that sometimes I feel that way. Some days are filled with questioning whether you are fulfilling your purpose, and then there are the days of creating and saying yes, and then … Read More

Manzanita and Pinon Pine trees

While on a trip to Sedona this past fall, I had the most profound experience among the oldest trees in and around the Grand Canyon, and Sedona. Pinon Pines are traced back to prehistoric times, and they join the Manzanita … Read More

What if…

Memories. That is all we have really, and the experiences that go with living them. Intangible, except for the sights, smells, and tactile experiences that take us back. As a part of a leadership group, I was at a local … Read More

Last nights endeavors

Yesterday I had a late start in creating vessels. My creativity goes in stops and starts because of the “business side” of art. So now I am back at it, and am feelin’ the joy! Here is one of the … Read More

Seventh Grade bubble

Seventh graders. Ahhhh, those young energetic teens. They are our future world! Do you ever have a conversation with them? A while back, I had the opportunity to delve into their minds. I must admit I had an unfair advantage. … Read More

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