Change is risky

Seasons of changeLife as we know it.

I am all over the board this morning. And I will try and stay focused.

Humans have been on this earth for how long now?
And how many have been years of bliss? Just since I was born….there has been the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Gulf War, Desert Storm, and ALL of the wars in Iran, Iraq, and beyond…more conflicts out there than we can or do even realize.

My hands and mind are wanting to somehow make a difference in this world. In a positive light. Stop the power struggles. Embrace the empathy and compassion for our neighbors and others. Listen. Stop the money monopoly. Embrace sharing. Stop the dominance theory. Embrace each and every person as each being of value as human beings.
And among these feelings of frustration, I feel fortunate to be able to sit here, type out my thoughts, and have the ability to move those thoughts out into the world. We didn’t have such an easy go at that centuries ago. Did they have similar struggles back then? I am afraid that answer might be yes? We as humans have been struggling for ‘more’ for eons? And why is that?

I have been following the North Dakota Alliance Pipe Line #NoDAPL protest for a while now.
I guess that is why I am writing this. To reflect. To think it through.
Even when I was a kid, when I learned about history in school, something didn’t feel right to me. Since when did (or do) we have the right to say, your way is wrong? Your land is ours? You don’t count as someone? I know this is a can of worm. Just pause right there. Listen to your own mind and thoughts. What are you thinking? Does any of this resonate any emotion of understanding? And yet you feel like it is such a conundrum that there is no solution for resolution? Because we are too ‘deep’ into it? But do you think it is going to just go away? Really?

People are rising up. Becoming aware. Climate change. Abuse of land. Abuse of guns. Violence. Treating our humankind with torture, ownership, disrespect.

Pause: When I was in my mid-30’s, I made some intentional changes – I caused the waters to be pretty tumultuous for a while because I made some changes. I was not doing what I typically had done. My intentions were different. So the stability and the predictability that had been there before – was gone. And the people around me felt it. And were uncomfortable because of the shift. But the waves gradually began to lessen. And the waters became calm. And all lives were better. ALL.

I believe we as a human race are in that rocky sea. The people of this earth are becoming aware of where we are, who we are, and realize that changes need to be made. The question? How do we make that change. Change is risky business. And I believe these changes that need to be made are for the good. Of us all. To be more kind. To listen. To have compassion. To share more. To play more. To love more.

I hope I am here to see that day in its full glory and to embrace it.

Living fully – carving a life,


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