Changes of a life time

Throughout September and October, and November for that matter, there were additional changes – that have brought forward good things. Not how I expected them, however
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good just the same.
The last many months in my studio has been my respite and a place of grounding. Giving myself permission to put my well-being at the forefront – a stretch for me as I have been involved in many things that meant a lot to me – and yet I needed to relinquish them. I was forced to take a step back, and look at the big picture.
Through this evaluation, I found how much I truly love working in clay and in art. It is such an intrinsic part of who I am. At times I feel like I am whirling in an ocean filled with art life.
So I made those hard decisions that in turn gave my spirit sanity and new light. I came to my studio, sat at my bench, and created. It was a very prolific time for me, and gratefully, it still is. Ideas just swimming in the art ocean and being discovered and implemented.
Which brings me to feathers…they are significant to me – and to many cultures. The Native American culture specifically. I observe birds that soar and descend, crossing my path. With intention. Telling me to pay attention. Leaving notes via feathers on the ground, in very powerful places in time.
May your time on this earth be very powerful and telling of who you are.


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