Civilization as we know it?


That word. What does it mean?
I look it up on my computer dictionary:

civilization | ˌsivələˈzāSH(ə)n | noun the stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced: they equated the railroad with progress and civilization. the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization. the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area: the great books of Western civilization | the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. the comfort and convenience of modern life, regarded as available only in towns and cities: the fur traders moved further and further from civilization.

Are we ‘advanced’?

I feel the pull. I know I get sucked into the problem. I really am not like this. I think I am a civil person. However there are days.
And yesterday was one of them.

We all need to be held accountable. But my energies are waning. Is that what they are hoping for? To be acquiescent? To be silent and to relent.

I know we are in a huge shift on this earth. It is a big one. And many are aware of it. How do we handle this negativity towards each other?

We (I speak for myself here…) need to be aware of what is going on. However I do not want to be a ‘trolling target’.
So….what? What. Do. We. DO?

Will I vow that I will not post any political negativity on FB?  Or forward things that are negative?
Does that mean “I give up”?
Can I do this? I do not want to be complacent! It is my goal to be abreast…We are in such a place of disagreement.
We all are seeking to make this a better place. But at whose expense? Your neighbors? Your community members? Friends? Relatives?

Living fully – carving a life,


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