Clay to Bronze

This little keepsake is called Petit Three Feathers.
It is so sweet, with three feathers swirling around the base and also perched on the lid.
When I go for walks and find feathers I am intrigued by their beauty and truly appreciate their symbolism.

These feathers hold dearly the contents that are kept inside. Giving it respect and honor.

Through most of my pottery years, I have worked with clay on the wheel, starting with a cylinder, then making a lid, and after the piece has been shaped and set aside to allow it to firm up into a leather hard consistency, the carving begins. Leather hard is a term…that describes the clay at a particular point between damp and dry, which allows for clean and concise cuts, without altering the shape of the vessel, and yet not so dry that the vessel breaks or is destroyed by handling.

As of late these sculptural pieces are being translated into bronze casts to be used as keepsakes of many sorts; from holding a baby’s first tooth, to locks of hair, to love notes and family heirlooms. When creating bronze casts, most artists carve into a hard wax and then have the wax mold translated into bronze.
However, I love the clay process of making round vessels and then adding the sculptural details in clay. So my pieces start as clay works, and then are made into molds for the wax. See images of how this process is done.

More information about this piece…
It is approximately 3 1/2″ tall and 3″ wide. To give you a better idea of what this little vessel can hold, it is equivalent to a little less than a cup in size.
I hope you enjoy these pieces – both of clay and bronze! All works are for sale. Contact me through the contact section to the right on this site.

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