Close up and personal

hand carved urn, handmadeThe circle of life continues whether we stop and breath it in or not.
It’s odd really.

I remember when a devastating tornado passed through our town. The following day, with cold rain, we helped a business collect up the remnants that were salvageable. We trudged along, tossing items into a moving truck to be transferred into a temporary space
within a shopping mall in a nearby town. During unloading we saw the people milling around. Shopping. Living their own day to day lives.
We were in a daze, adrenaline rushing through our veins. Tears flowing. Our brains trying to grasp what had all happened within the last 36-48 hours. An absolute conflux of emotions. Life changed…in hours…minutes…seconds.

That was one of the first surreal moments I ever remember experiencing.

Similarly, that surrealism is felt when good life events happen.
Our first grandchild was born last week. And as I cherish and replay the sights and sounds of the last few days in my head and heart, I will share these images of beauty I have made for other sacred life events.
Images of beauty. We all need images of beauty!

the soul remains

Living fully – carving a life,


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