Clutter and place

Window Alter

Excitement abounds.
A new artist will be joining us in our studio space.
I am thrilled beyond words. Her being is reflective, inspiring, and filled with energy that respects the earth.
This world we create.

In preparation for this new chapter, I began cleaning out the space she would occupy.
It reminded me of the chaotic clutter we
acquire in our homes. Our spaces.
The lesson continues.
Stuff. Lots of things, needing to be collected and organized into efficiency.

Within the last three years there has been much purging.
Cleaning out my deceased fathers’ property.
And then starting over after 32 years of living as a couple, when pretty much everything is gone in a flame.

Lesson learned: Life is simple.
When the clutter is gone. We are afraid we have lost everything.
However, the memories that were triggered through collected pieces have not been lost. Those memories just need a bit of coaxing. And they do bloom again, with the tenacity of a crocus in the spring.
They appear through events, smells, lingering moments. They are still there.

So why do we collect things?
To remind us of those feelings shared at a given moment?
Ah yes, to remember.

Some collect things to trigger the satisfaction of their financial successes.
Material goods.

I am in a different place.

My brain begged to be cleared of the cobwebs of stuff. And unbeknownst to me…my wish was its’ command.
The devastation of that all encompassing fire had a silver lining.
We no longer need to deal with the things that were never gotten rid of.

Life is simple.
I look around my studio and I see that on my little window sill, the alter is filled with pieces of earth. Stones, feathers, bark, seeds, shells.
All invoking memories of the sea, the mountains, the valleys, witness to my being with those I love.

Simple things.
That is the answer to this life of mine.

I have no desire for things that are not functional or beautiful. That is my motto.
I will find a simple glass jar, filling it with beautiful memories offered by the earth.

I shall be ready for her arrival.

In gratitude,


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