Coffee shops, a Waste of time, and Visions

A visit at the coffee shop. A gift. For my 55th birthday.
Coffee shop conversations with my mother are always ones of deep reflection and wisdom. She has always been a woman ahead of her time, and she has shared that wisdom with me, always. Encouraging me to find what makes my life tick. As a person, as a soul. Not your usual fluff, really deep questions only asked of by wise women.

Mom asked to get together for my birthday, her treat. It was a lovely sunny day, and it was my day, so I said yes. After chatting a while our conversation meandered into comparing our memories of what it was like while living at home on the farm. Yes, I do remember.

My dad, from that generation of ‘work first – play later’ – if there is time left, was a workaholic. And I was growing up when that new contraption called the tv was a major deal. It was a deal breaker when it came to getting the chores done for me. In fact, my memory was always of getting home after school, watching my favorite tv shows, like the Brady Bunch,the Partridge Family, Gilligan’s Island. Remember, I am 55…(chuckle)…I would quickly run and shut the tv off (sorry no remotes back then) when I heard the back door open, knowing Dad was fast approaching with a phrase something like ‘…wasting your time with that darn tv on’. Even if I was productive and had piles of folded clothes in front of me, I had to shut the tv off. Oh the memories.

Activities outside of the chores, like reading a book, drawing, writing, sewing, listening to music, and playing guitar were all part of that ‘waste of time’ thing. He didn’t mind us doing that on Sundays after church, lunch and washing dishes were over. Or before cooking supper, washing dishes, and other chores or homework started. Per my Dad.

Then I grew up.

I thought that when I became an adult, I wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore. However today I realize for the first time, that I am not over it. I had an ‘ahaaa’ moment. I have a bit of work to do. Oh that is funny! No pun was intended in that comment! (Ha!) Have you ever experienced that ‘waste of time’ thing? It’s that internal voice telling you that what you are doing is, you know, a waste of time? IE: non-productive, not ‘work’ – not valued, type of thing?

I realize that in my head, those old tapes of ‘wasting time’ had continued into my adulthood. As in now. I am 55! Yea I think you can say I am way into adulthood. I was and am still, fighting the value of my life’s endeavors. Shutting off or demeaning interests that have evolved into something so joyous that work feels like play.
My minds shakes its’ condoning head. Noooo, you can’t do that! It isn’t productive W.O.R.K. IE: drudgery, but valued in society as work none the less!

Oh life would be sooooo different if we chose to honor our ‘play’ as successful, and our ‘work’ as a waste of time.

As we finished our coffee visit, my mom shared snippets of this past weekend’s edition of Super Soul Sunday. Mom shared that the last part of the interview Oprah had with author, Cynthia Bond, was something I might check out. Ms. Bond had put together a vision board. Images and words of dreams she aspired to have happen in her life. And those words and images were translated into her screen saver. She shared what she had on that vision board in the last segment of her interview. I suggest you check it out. It is quite profound.

So, I decided to create my own vision board. It will be about play and it will be about success!
Thanks for the coffee visit Mom!

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