Days like this?

Want a glimpse of what I have been doing lately?
Ahhh…That would be an image of my brain wrestling with the laptop…reflecting, contemplating, planning, all that ‘business’ stuff.

I needed a break from all of that, and some breathing room, so I brought out a clay piece I had thrown over a month and a half ago. Now one of the benefits to carving is that you can throw a clay piece and set it aside for a very long time – if covered properly. Like this piece I started back in December. I couldn’t come up with a design to complete it then, so I let it rest.

Here I am, back in my studio….
I haven’t done any creative work for so long. I have been craving it. Not to mention that my brain has needed some stretching out.
I uncovered my piece, and took up where I left off. The inspiration of how to finish it hit me like a freight train. Two hours later the lines, design and the basics of the carving was in place. It was like it was there all along.

Hmmm…Do you ever have days like that? Where it just ‘comes to you’?

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