Dear Heavenly Creator

I am reflecting on what I wrote almost two years ago and never published. Now….I feel I must share.
Yes – we DO have the power to change.
We need to decide – to acknowledge, to be strong, and to say – NO MORE.



I feel sorrow…

For what has happened for centuries, taking of land that is not ours to take, for want and power.

For the slaves of so many cultures, forced to work for others because of power, money, and want.

For the women who have been looked at as property for centuries, secondary in both religious and cultural beliefs and unequally valued for their contributions.

For all of the lives lost to war – fighting for others money, want, and power.

For those conditioned to ‘be strong’. Lost to the gifts of compassion and sensitivity.

For the culture we have created that places sexes in a box of conformity.

That our country feels the need to be ‘better than’.

For the men we have created. Nurturing power and ownership as the ultimate goal.

For the elderly, who are not recognized for their wisdom, gifts, and purpose to nurture and enlighten.

For the young, who are told to be silent, instead of listening to their innocent wisdom.

For the peacemakers, looked at as ‘trouble’ in their times of peaceful strength.

For the women who feel fear every time they walk down a darkened alley.

For the culture we have created – distorting and exploiting the beauty of the bodies our Creator has designed.

For those with illness. For compassion and healing has been compromised by the financial gain and power of corporations.

For the people who are forced to cross the line of decency – for power and want.

For Mother Earth, as it is slowly robbed of its very essence and life – for others needs of want, power, and money.

This place, this world…is grieving from the lack of love, understanding, compassion, and the unwillingness to work things out for the betterment of all living kind.

I am grateful for this time of awakening – for yes, it is time.

Living fully – carving a life,


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