Dear One, I will always love you.

It is time for a story. My story.
Well, it is not just mine. But a blend of two stories.

Back in late summer of 2017, I had a grandson that was to be born….in two weeks. My husband had passed in spring, and I was reflecting on his missing this historic birth. This little guy was to be our second grandchild. We had been super excited when we found out we were going to be grandparents again!
But….time had run out.
And Grandpa was now on the other side.

It was a Friday afternoon. I had visited a dear friend of mine, helping her get ready for her son’s wedding the following weekend. On my way home, I stopped at a quaint little park my late husband and I used to visit in a nearby town. I sat at a picnic table, with my sketchbook in hand. Journaling, drawing, and pondering life. I looked up towards the beautiful sun-filled sky and thought….”Grandpa? What do you want your grandchildren to know about you?”

I have been journaling for decades, so I was–and still am–quite comfortable with quiet conversations with those on the other side…waiting for words and messages to appear. So this was not an unusual dialogue. But the answer. The answer was one of love and clarity I will never ever forget. The pencil jotted down as fast as the hand could scribble. Grandpa wrote–until he stopped – and then my tears began. This loving message, “I love you Little One” was one of clarity. Of knowing. “I am right here beside you.” It was the most heartfelt message a Grandpa could share with his grandchildren.
I look back and it is hard to believe three years have gone by since that day in the park.
Much has changed.

Mortality is what I experienced after his message. He was subtly reminding me, that I am going to pass as well. Life is short! As we all “know”. The nudge was there. I realized I needed to share my own message with our grandchildren too!
As you can probably guess by now, I love to write. Poetry when I was younger. Thoughts, inspirations, and reflections as I got older. This would be another expression of love. Sharing with my grandchildren, what I want them to know about me. So I wrote my own story “Good night Little One”.

About four months after he wrote “I love you Little One”, I hand-delivered a healing gift in the form of a hand-made book, to my children – and to our grandchildren – a re-connection with their Grandpa.
These gifts. These little stories, became more than a profound experience for our family. In this time of suffering and loss, we all need to know that our loved ones are right here beside us. That message – kept being pushed in front of me – from the other side. “We see you writing a book” they said. That didn’t feel abnormal to me. I have been writing for years! Ha!
But then, the circle was complete. A guiding friend read the two stories–and–”Dear One” was born.
This book was to be an intertwining creation of both my past husbands’ message, and my own. As I shared earlier, we all have so much grief in this world that needs to be healed. And we need help from our Loved Ones on the other side. This is an earth filled with connection. We are not ‘unconnected’. That is ridiculous. People may deny it. But the reality is….we are all….connected!

So here I am. Publishing “Dear One” as a message to us all.
The Message?
They are all here beside us. Guiding us. Talking to us. Walking with us. Helping us to learn to listen – for them.

May you chose to listen.

Dear One will be available in late fall, at a site near you!

Living fully – carving a life,


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