Do you do it on your front step?

Inspiration at its best.
I am unable to keep my feet still.

This will be me....wiser, and yes, loving to dance.

This will be me….wiser, and yes, loving to dance. More like…my whole being loves to dance.

If you ever were to spot me at a dance when I was younger, I was the one who would be the first on the dance floor. Partner or no partner. Yeah I am one of those. My dates would begrudgingly stay put. I would be out on the dance floor.

In fact. There is a story, that in the ‘not so distant past’. I was at a bar
that was known for live music. There weren’t many people there, and my partner in crime was not quite ready to hit the floor. So I went. By. My. Self.
Have you ever gotten a hint in my blogs that I am somewhat of a rebel? I admit it.
I had no hesitation what so ever to go out there and dance to my hearts content. Feeling the music in the very marrow of my bones.
I was in heaven! And I was alone on the floor. And I was ok with that.

Then, some friends of ours showed up…and let’s just say I still haven’t heard the last about that night.

In the last couple of years I have had this craving. And an observation. Is it our generation? Or is it the evolution of the DJ music that has caused our society to refrain from live music dances. The musicians are still out there!

My husband is one of them. A drummer. He is from a music loving family as well. Dad: Concertina and Trumpet. Grandfather: Fiddle. Mother: Accordion. Brother: Sax and Guitar…..but the dancing……

My dance partner and I have had this discussion numberous times….why are there not as many live music dances – or dance halls.
My hubby has come up with the same observations through out the changes. Alcohol. DWI’s. etc. “People can’t have fun at dances any more because they are not able to have any alcohol.” Ok this shouldn’t be in quotes, but the answer was pretty much that in it’s core when he responded to this little convo.

My rebuttal, being the dance loving person that I am….”You don’t have to have alcohol to have fun dancing!” Now that can be in quotes, because I have said that many a time! 😀

People love to dance. People appreciate music. It is in their bones as well! Look at all of the cultures that celebrate through dance.
The unfortunate thing is – our society feels naked without that crutch of a glass with a little red straw clutched in their hands when they aren’t dancing. That is soooo sad! Why do we need it?
Can I just hand out some ‘red solo cups’ at the onset of a dance and say – go for it! Just fill it with bubbly water if you want and no one will know the difference. And oh yeah – here is your little red straw and a lime or lemon as an added ‘join the fun’ accessory to make it official.
Yeah I am a rebel. In red colors no less. Although I do wear a lot of black…lol.

So I am going to push you.
Go turn on your favorite music – right where you are – right now.
You will thank me!

(If you happen to be in your car, please stay buckled, and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, and your feet on the pedals….but boy – let ‘er rip in your heart!)
You will still thank me!

Here is the latest I am working on…with musical infusion in my earbuds, and yes, dancing, in my studio.

Living fully,

(The original video above went viral and the audio was pulled due to copyright….however… on the image and the link and Ellen Degeneres will give you a hint to what I am talking about – music included.)

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