What is art?

During my travels, my companions lose their patience. My camera is in my hand, and I am taking literally hundreds of photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras!
Images of nature for future studies. Architectural examples of carvings… the list goes on and on.
A particular trip took me to San Diego with a visit to Balboa Park.

What feastings for the eyes. The rose garden was in full bloom – eye candy. I especially enjoyed the water lilies (and the turtle) in the reflection pool.
Before we left, I had to take photos of these 100 year old carvings covering the buildings’ facade. Created for the exposition of the Panama-California Exposition in 1915-1916, this was no small feat!

My thought for today? Art is all around us. Whether we are driving a vintage restoration or a new hybrid, wearing warm winter apparel that protects us from the bitter cold or basking in the oceans of sunlight, listening to classical, rock, country, or jazz, or enjoying a garden of cactus or flowers. Indeed they are all created with appeal for our senses. (THAT is ART and it is everywhere!)

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