Enduring and Sacred

This week I am working Overlook at Devil's Lakeon a piece called Mother Earth: A Sacred Vessel.
The name was induced in part by the events of October 10th of which I wrote about it in this blog entry. The other influence is a reflection of the last nine days I spent hiking in the foothills surrounding Devil’s Lake in southern Wisconsin.

I had thrown the actual vessel prior to my travels, and had set it aside to rest, un-named.

I felt a sacredness while hiking. Breathtaking views and a humble realization of the powers that be were felt in every step on these grand rock formations.

A remnant I spotted among the rocks verified that I wasn’t alone in that feeling of sacredness. on-a-prayer

The name “Devil’s Lake” was challenging me. It didn’t feel right – with so much beauty, and power surrounding the lake. So I did some investigating into its history. Wiki says the following: The term, devil’s lake is a misinterpretation of the Ho-Chunk name Tawacunchukdah or Da-wa-kah-char-gra, which better translates to “Sacred Lake” or “Spirit Lake.”

My intuition was right.

Living fully – carving a life,


Side note:
Regarding the piece I had given the name “Mother Earth Sacred Vessel”…I walked to a nearby park to collect leaves of inspiration. I had an idea in my head but kept hitting up against a road block. Thus the walk. Of all the leaves I collected, one variety stood out. All the other leaves that had fallen were in full fall regalia, except for the ginkgo leaf. ginkgo-2016_10_18They were green, vibrant, fresh, and lovely. So I chose to carve the ginkgo leaf on this vessel. Because the title didn’t quite suit what I was carving, I chose “Enduring”. You see, Ginkgo trees have been around for over ten thousand years!  This is the only strain of tree that is in existence from before the Ice Age, and survives the most brutal of polluted environments. It is truly an “Enduring Sacred Vessel”.  And yes, it is appropriate for this time in our lives. To remind us that we need to be mindful and ever present in each choice we make.

The name “Mother Earth” will be the title of a future piece. I feel very strongly about that title and will most certainly use it.

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