Will it stop you in your tracks?


It’s just part of the every day Minnesota winter – which translates into six whole months out of the year. Snow. Really?

My plans were for a complete weekend of creative inventiveness and freedom in my studio while my husband was out of town.
These intentions were somewhat dismantled by an unexpected (to me) snowstorm this morning. Four plus inches of lovely white flakes blew in from the south. Which meant I would have twenty four inch deep drifts across my driveway by the time it was over. I completed my task of snow removal with our reliable snowblower. However the efforts were eventually compounded by a stubbornly deflating tire that finally refused to hold another pound of air pressure. Instead of whiling away the few remaining afternoon hours in a warm studio, throwing around some clay, I was wrestling with a heavy beast in the cold garage. Disgruntled yet invigorated from the fresh air and successful snow removal, I dismantled the sad looking tire in chains, and proceeded to town to find an inner tube. Yes the hardware store had the right sized inner tube needed. No, the service station was not open on Saturday. And no, the service station in the nearby town did not have one in stock. But if I brought one in, they would happily install it for me. So I spent the rest of my ‘creative time’ driving and waiting. Did I mention it is supposed to snow again tomorrow?
I miss those ‘service stations’ of the good ol’ days!

All is well now. Mission accomplished. Instead of 2 days in the studio, I will be content with one. And I am now prepared for the next upcoming snowfall. Which might be – tomorrow.

Which brings me to my inspiration for the weekend of clay in the first place.
Earlier, while doing some research online, I found an artists work that propelled my weekend of creativity: Estella Fransbergen. With the use of raku clay and nature, she makes you stop. Right in your tracks. You gaze. You sigh. She has spoken.
That is the beauty of art. It speaks. Not everyone receives the same message or sees the same story. But you know when something resonates with you. You feel it in the pit of your stomach.
Look at her work on the ArtSourceGallery.com and tell me which image speaks to you.

And about that creative Sunday? To be continued…

P.S. To my husband, Dale, who is having fun snowmobiling up north…safe travels Dear.  See you when you get home…and yes, the driveway will be clear!

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