Fear of water…

When I was four years old, my 18 month old sister drown in a kiddie pool at my grandparents farm. They – my grandparents – never had the pool out again. Devastation and fear drove them to put it away forever.
My mother had us attend swimming lessons until we were able to safely and confidently swim without hesitation.
However – the fear of water – was always present. So it was an underlying presence…and I still feel the effects of this life event. However for me, I reversed the fear into respect.

This weeks Memory scroll question is about that fear.

Did your parents have any fears? And if so what were they and why did they have them?
These stories are what creates who we are.
My parents had that fear, and now I love to swim.

So share your memory….and write your memory scroll!

Magnolia Memory Vessel

Living fully – carving a life,


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