January: a month for reading and creating!
Inspired, I have committed to making more assertive leaps in my work.

I am pushing the limits on the size of my creations. This being one of my tallest – thrown on the wheel as one piece – for quite some time. Not a huge accomplishment, however what it stands for is a big thing – to me.
You see while working on the piece, the title popped into my head – loud and clear.


I embrace this meaning: Filled with ideas. Pregnant with inspiration. Filled to the soul with the creative.

To expound, the New Oxford American Dictionary states:
1 the soil is fertile: fecund, fruitful, productive, high-yielding, rich, lush.
2 fertile couples: able to conceive, able to have children; technical fecund. ANTONYMS barren.
3 a fertile brain: imaginative, inventive, innovative, creative, visionary, original, ingenious; productive, prolific. ANTONYMS unimaginative.

May your life be fertile!

Living fully – carving a life,




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