For those we truly love

We are here. Right now.

That is all.

There is nothing else that is concrete. Nothing else that is guaranteed.

Throughout the last five years, life has thrown many a curve ball this way. And we continue on our path, knowing the mission is to be present.
You have heard that phrase right? “Be present.”

For me that is an understatement, learning that lesson time and time again.
I know my day to day is very ‘non-routine’. I am ok with that. With all of the unexpecteds, I know I need to be a: flexible, b: non-obsessive, and c: faithful in believing there is a reason for everything.

That seems to be it in a nut-shell. I visit with people who have turmoils, get obsessed about the goings on in the world, and disappear into social media.

Life is too short my friend. Yes things are happening across the country or the globe. And there are also things happening. right. next. door. Those are the things you can do something about!
And about the things happening across the globe? Can you do something about it right now? Do they affect you right now? Will they affect you today? These are questions we need to ask ourselves for clarity. I am not saying to be careless. I am saying – care more. About those in your own community. Belong. Now. Feel the love.

Something relevant: A couple of days ago on our way home from the cities, I heard a talk show about that ‘social media’ thing. And here is what I learned. It is not just sharing…it is about wanting to be connected. That is why people obsess about their tweets, responses, friends, etc. And here is the ultimate lesson…
Get off social media on your phone and pay attention to those around you. Real time. Real people. Real emotions you can see, hear, feel, and understand. No misread and blown out of proportion emotional upsets. Only face to face people having face to face conversations. Connecting. Feeling. Existing. Community. (I am not alone here…)

It is all about what we do now for those we really truly love.

Living fully – carving a life,




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