site-launch-9_13_2016We yearn to try something new.
The little child on our shoulder says “What if it fails?” chiding us into having so much fear, we can not breathe!
Boy,….don’t I know that feeling!

However…since early spring….April actually, it was confirmed that I would have to work on my new website on my own. No assistance via a grant. The voice in me said (during one of those more positive and confident interludes) “YOU CAN DO THIS!!!”

And here we are. It is September. The site is done. (Hear champagne glasses clinking in the background…)
I am grateful for Jordan’s technical expertise! You know those young people who are not afraid of technology? Yeah, I worked with one of those! YAY! He did a great job programming!
And through experimenting with a local photographer, I found my own voice in photography as well. Thank you Laurie!

Yep. Here we are!

Hope you like the site. I still am blogging. (As you can tell.) And have been during the whole creative process – keeping the blogging up on the other site. Not as frequently, but staying connected just the same. Now it ALL is here on this site.

Here is a quote my mom sent to me last week before the site went live…
Wow, did it speak loud and clear!
“The Discomfort of Newness – Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” — Kierkegaard

Oh….I get dizzy!

Now….on to creating more art!  Hmmm….I wonder what my next adventure will be?

Living fully – carving a life,



  1. Nina Preheim
    | Reply

    I love your new site Michelle! It’s crisp, navigable, and filled with your creative gems. I too hope to set up a website by the end of ’17 and may ask to get more process guidance from you in the coming months. Thanks too for all the magnificent blogging.

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