Hind Sight in 2020. How Do We Convert Pain to Joy?

Life. It is such an all inclusive word. It starts with the emotion of pain…and converts to joy…. in split seconds. All with the birth of a little one.
At this time, life is ‘similar’ only in that moment. For many, it separates from there. And we as humanity, are learning the implications of those differences.
I reflect on the understanding that each of us have different beliefs. And one of the beliefs that I have, is that we come to this earth many times – to experience different lessons. For many, those lessons are filled with pain, anger, and emotional hardship. Especially today. In the year 2020. The year of ‘hind sight’.

We are learning from the past. Learning what change looks like. Because of a pause of pandemic, global proportion. We are having to pause. To reflect. To. Dig. Deep.

We are not in a joyful time right now. It is sorrowful. It is filled with grief. And it is raw.

We are in labor. Laboring to create a new ‘being’. A new ‘life’.

May our labor be one that brings us richness in love.

Living fully – carving a life,

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