How do I find a beautiful artistic handcrafted cremation urn?


Say you are searching for a special urn to purchase on line.
You start with the word search….and quickly learn that the terms can be tricky and they can become a conundrum. To say the least.
How do we find what we are looking for?
And especially when it comes to urns.
Here are some examples of words I used when I was searching for unique, one of a kind urns that artists had made:
My definition as I was looking: Meaning something very original and not mass-produced
Urn Industry definition: An item available in color or design options
One of a kind
    My definition as I was looking: A term to say “You won’t find this anywhere else’.  It is a one and only.
Urn Industry definition: An item with an inscription option for a mass-produced manufactured urn to make it personal to you
My definition as I was looking: An urn that is designed, created, and completed just for you with inspiration derived from you and traits or interests of the loved one for character.
Urn Industry definition: A manufactured urn with inscribing, painting, or plaque applications unique to your needs

Disclaimer: These findings are from my own research only. Not to imply that manufactured urns are the only pieces you will find with these descriptions….just that you will find quite a few in your search that are manufactured as well.

What I am trying to get across is this.
It is hard to find an urn that fits your vision, and I empathize with the search process we currently have. Especially when one is seeking during an emotional and sorrowful time and maybe even working with a tight time frame.
My suggestion if you are wanting a piece that is hand made by an artist?
Call a local art center for help in locating a local artist who creates urns or keepsakes or use Google. Quite a few artists have lidded vessels that are beautifully hand done – and typically are not found at funeral homes. I understand why the funeral home industry does not carry too many original, handcrafted, artistic urns. It just is a difference in their perspective.

So, below are some words that might help you in your search – again – if you are looking for something truly made by an artist.
Granted everyone searches differently, so if you find other terms that work better for you – I would love it if you would share with me. I will be happy to add them to the list below to help others in their search as well.

These words will help you find vessels that are made by a soul – for a soul.

(More Tags/Labels I use: Carved Sculptural Wheel Thrown Stoneware Cremation Lidded Jar Youth Baby Pet Ashes Cremains Bronze Keepsake Locket Jewelry Urn Vessel)

Etsy is a shop on the internet that provides a platform for many studio artists like myself to get their work out there.
My pieces are available there, and here, at a site that offers both manufactured and artist created pieces.
If you are in the area, and want to see some crafted vessels in person, give me a call (507-351-6945).
Remember artists also are available to create special pieces just for you, with inspiration from you or your loved one.

Living fully – carving a life,



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