How Do We Set Aside Stillness For Love?

This is a day of stillness. The snow has brought quiet and reflection to my world. As I read the words of a fellow soul worker, I wonder what the future will bring. As we are in the throws of an unrest deeper than the ocean. Plagues of injustice, the earth dying before our eyes, those governing ‘blindly’ – throughout the world – refusing to acknowledge what is needed for us to reverently move forward.
Knowing that all of existence has a heartbeat. Knowing that the earth can not survive the rape of humanity, oil, minerals, trees, soil, all within her body. Knowing that economy will only buy time. By what clock? The clock of existence? Of those not yet born? Of our own grandchildren? Our own children?
Knowingness. Knowing that the path we are on is one of self-destruction if we continue? Refusing to ‘see’? Refusing to shift our actions to one of global knowingness? This is where I am today.
During this time of sacredness.

May we step aside, pause, listen, and be engulfed in love. For that is what shall unblind us. Knowing love of and for all of existence is what truly matters.

Living fully – carving a life,


Photo credits to Steven Arthur Johnson Photography.

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