In the palm of your hand

Snack cupThose big sparkling eyes. Coy. Inviting. Engaging you to the core.
That is my grandson. He just turned nine months. And he is our ‘first’.

What joy. What innocence!
We love sharing time with him, and now he is getting old enough to eat ‘real food’ compared to liquid nourishment.

I made a bowl for him when he was first born with his name on it.
My family has acquired quite a collection through the years. Bowls, cups, and mugs with a special phrase, or their name on it.
My personal favorite is the tiny cup. I call them snack cups. They are just too sweet because they fit in the palm of your hand. Ahhhh yeah, my daughter uses them for her treats. (And she is an ‘adult’!!!) LOL

HMMMM……Thinking ahead to a special one year birthday idea…….

Living fully – carving a life,



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