Into the chasm of my soul

How does one ‘find ones’ self’?

Your brain is filled with chatter. All. The. Time.

So much so that it is hard to think. Or listen.
And you keep yourself busy. Doing menial things that aren’t necessarily necessary, but ‘feels-good-having-gotten-them-done’. Your brain is active with those things.

However, there is this emptiness. This longing for something.
But you don’t know what “that” is.
This is the time when you need to connect the dots and ponder.
By being….quiet.

This is the message to “ones’ self”:

I will be quiet. Listening for clues. Listening deeply.
Into the chasm of my soul.
Waiting for the answer.
And, I will be patient with myself.
To uncover the answer.
That is already there.

Living fully – carving a life,



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