Is it Good, Bad, or Just Plain Ugly?

The year is 1990…

Do you remember the influences at that time?
Clean lines, earthy, and simplistic, coupled with organic images in bronze and copper.

Louise Comfort Tiffany lamps were being revisited along with Roycroft and Stickley gems. Pulled out of dusty corners in the attics and antique shops, these and
other pieces like Weller and Roseville pottery were climbing the value ladder.
What goes around – comes around.
It was called the Craftsman Mission style, and it lasted more than a decade.

The styles were coinciding with the Arts and Crafts movement almost one hundred years earlier. In 1900, the rage started during the Worlds’ Fair held in Paris.

By the early 1920’s, people were again looking for change. Simplicity. A ‘breath of fresh air’ after having been inundated with flowing line, curved everything, and organic themes overdone to the n’th degree.
The new style? It was called Art Deco. Indicative of the Roaring ’20’s. It was a fresh influence that would later become the precursor to contemporary and modern technology during the new Millennium. Enter the year 2000.

My point being–all creative design is influenced by previous creations. Whether it be from a positive experience brought forward, or from a less desirable design changed up and revisited with a fresh approach.  All discoveries we find in life, be they the good, the bad, or the ugly, will influence what we create in the future. 

What will influence your next creation?

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