Is This Clear Enough For You? Don’t Park Here.

When lessons come to you in dreams, sometimes they take a bit of ‘unpacking’. Sometimes.
And other times?
It smacks you beside the head, and says….”Is this clear enough for you?”

I pay pretty close attention to my musings and teachings from the pre-dawn hours.
Now is an especially important time to heed the message.

My dream?
It had to do with a cramped parking lot in an unrecognized inner-city. There was some mind-bending navigation going on – for only a few parking spots.

It was tight. With barely enough room to get around in.
You can probably visualize that parking lot yourself! Been there. Done that.

In the next ‘scene’ there was an electrical box that had been damaged by an inattentive driver. A fine was involved. But it did not seem to be an exorbitant amount.
The box was a home-made job. One that was made with galvanized aluminum sheet metal. A rectangular box about two and a half feet square by six inches deep with electrical conduit piping coming out every which way.
Detailed dreams…I know. I am a visual.
Anyway, the box had to be remade. Nothing fancy. And then it had to be spray painted black. Always spray painted black.

Through my conversation with the parking lot owner, my impression was that this happened more often than one would realize.
He was a friendly 60ish white man, equipped with baseball style cap, regular cut jeans, and work boots. Gnarled, hard working hands did not proffer a disgruntled attitude to do this again.
I asked how often this happens. “Oh plenty of times!”, he said. Like ‘regularly’? “Yep.”
My asking the question did not seem unusual to him. He was not afraid to share, and, it just was ‘the way it was’.
At the time of the re-installation of the box, in my dream, he went about his business, replacing the box in a location that no one really saw. It was in an obscure, low place. Like – bumper height.

I thought to myself, “Why does this not get raised up higher so people can ‘see’ it?”. It would be a simple solution to avoid a never ending problem.

This is where the ‘telling’ came to me.

“It just is what it is.”
There was no need to change. They are happy the way it is.
Because they were the ones in control, and if they moved it, it would need input from others, and potentially new solutions.
There was no desire to ‘change’, for there was no need – for them.
They knew what the results were going to be: frequent fines, and frequent rebuilds of an old box in the same old location. Spray painted BLACK.

The realm of conscious thinking.

Sometimes dreams are able to be ‘read’ in a number of ways when you step back and look at them.
And other times, when you wake – you know exactly what that teaching was.

My teaching:
Some people, are comfortable with the current conformity, and are unwilling to acknowledge that there is a different and positive solution to our unrest. It just is what it is. They don’t want or see a need to change. They like it the way it is.

But here is the thing…..Many don’t like it the way it is.

We need to move the box higher, so people notice it.

Listen. Collaborate.
Be the Change – for the good of all.

Living fully – carving a life,


Parking lot image: Image by owendesign from Pixabay
George Floyd Image: Michelle Kaisersatt


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