It’s Spring and I feel like growing!

Through the last couple of months I have been coming to the studio to work, bright and early in the morning. (My husband would look at me with that twinkle in his eye and say…. “work?”)
Ok, I love what I do. And yes, it is dedication to creating beautiful vessels.
With Spring has come a ‘flood’ of creativity.
I look at my table and I have five large vessels in the process of drying so they can be fired. And I have more at the Art Center waiting their turn for bisque or glaze firing.

If you would like to see my work as it evolves more quickly I have an Instagram account that you can follow. Not much text. Just lots and lots of photos. #thesoulremains

I have been neglecting my writing because my fingers have been happily carving instead of typing on the keypad.
However those questions I offer for contemplation are important. So I will share the next one – four days late or four days early. Which ever you prefer! 😀

This is a question that may seem odd to you, but remember that your memories will be shared with generations to come – if you so choose, so the answers may be quite interesting to those who read them – then.

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