Let the adventure continue….

Creating in clay.
I have had the pleasure of carving sculptural ceramic vessels for 20 years as of this summer!!!!
Does that mean I can celebrate?

It is a passion that has developed into a career. I am honored to be promoted and carried at a number of locations, and the newest of companies is a major step for me. I am so excited. In the last 3 months I have been working very diligently with a great company
that is now beginning to cater to artisan creations for the urn industry.
As many know, the percentage of people who chose to be cremated at the time of their passing was supposed to climb to over fifty percent as of 2025.
It is 2015 and the state of Minnesota has
surpassed that percentage. Ten years early!

I welcome One World Memorials to the family of companies who value and believe in my work.
With a wide variety of styles, they look for the unique.
As they are continuing to expand their site, please stop back and view their pieces when you are in need of a vessel for a “dearly loved”.

As always,
Live fully!


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