Life is a funny thing…

…not always in the humorous sense, sometimes unpredictable, challenging, memorable.
I realize I avoid a lot of things in my writings.
Gently skirting what’s really happening.
Everyone handles life events in their own way, and I respect that completely.

What is illuminating to me – is the need for each spirit to act upon what feels right to them.  Read more…

I read posts about friends dealing with this or that, seeing it as their way of expressing and connecting. Some tell all, some allude to the facts. I skirt. And then I exchange my thoughts for ones of grounding and positive energy.

I have learned our world is what we make it. I believe that unconditionally. Experiences are received for what our needs are at any given time. So how does that explain my story? It is rather unusual, I must say. And for that matter, many have said the same thing to me personally…”What are the chances?”

Oddly enough I feel there is a connection. Urns, passing on, keepsakes, accidents, death, and now this. I share this as a story of connection – we are all connected in every sense of the word.

This last fall, shortly after my ACL surgery, I was told I needed another surgery. This one, being a very serious surgery – with implications to affect the rest of my life, inclusive of the amount of time I would be on this earth, to put it quite simply. I was diagnosed with the “c” word. Surgery was eminent as my doctor told me it was ‘not an option’. Being the positive thinker that I am, I connected the dots, seeing my knee surgery as the gift. You see, if I would not have had that accident, I would not have been prone to have the check-ups completed – until another day, maybe even another year, when I was compelled to have it done due to guilt and/or loving demands implied by those around me.
One year – that is what my doctor told me. If I would have waited one year, the outcome would have been more than unfavorable for me to continue to exist on this earth.
I kept my experience close and within a very small circle of people. I knew I was given a gift, and that I didn’t want a gravely ill label on my head. I say that with the utmost respect. People look at you differently. They want to connect, yet are unfamiliar with how to broach the subject. I now understand that from both perspectives. You see another amazing thing happened. Six months after my husband had been placed in the shoes of spousal support, the roles were again reversed. For my husband was dealt the same card as me, with the addition of treatments and another surgery to boot. A blessing? Yes, I see our experience as one of blessings. We both were given the gift of experiencing each others lives. From both sides. Admittedly, I have not had the the exact experience. As my husband (of 31 very happy years) is a chemistry major and is actually intrigued by the advances of the medicinal world, he is taking these steps in stride. Literally. He recently got back from playing a round of golf-in the midst of treatments. Each of our days is a gift. That is what life is! A gift!

So here I sit. Sharing…
Why? Understanding. Compassion for those who experience loss. Grieving. Life is not a forever experience here. However we all are given incredible gifts. Which brings me back to the vessels that I create. Each carries the compassion, the empathy, and the understanding of grieving and celebrating what was – and still is.
May you find the blessing and the gift in each part of your day!


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