Life Lives

“Life Lives”
Cremation Urn

Nature surrounds us. And it is such a powerful connection for us as we live our lives day to day.
This piece echos the importance of nature with grasses and cattails, carrying the soul forward.

Because each piece is unique and inspired in the moments of its
creation, I decline recreating this piece, in respect to the holder of this urn.
See other pieces currently available in the Keyhole Studio shop on Etsy, or on this site.

  1. Chang Poulin
    | Reply

    I am sorry for the demise of your father. I’m sure he’s happy wherever he is now. The death of your dad and the accident that happened to you are just trials that test your determination. I am hoping for your faster recovery so that you can show off your talent in creating beautiful urns. I like your positive views about life. Just stay that way, and you’ll find true happiness and purpose in your life.

    Chang Poulin

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