Life’s colors. What are yours?

My husband and I play a lot of cards.  A Lot! So the saying “Life is like a deck of cards” has some merit for many people. You live with what you are dealt. Or, it’s “The luck of the draw”.
Being an artist, I resonate with this thought: Life is like a color palette.
There are dark, rich, murky, gray, brilliant, energetic, sultry, and light moments…aka colors we encounter in life.

My daughter sent me a text, recommending a good movie to watch: Hector and the Search for Happiness.

Within the first minutes I thought…
Oh! I get it. My daughter loves pets, and wanted to share this story about a dog.
Ahhh….wrong assumption.

I was enthralled with the interactive way creative thinking was incorporated into the movie.
Such imagination. Maybe this is why she wanted me to watch it.
Again….wrong assumption.
Then I began delving into ‘the story’.

Without giving away the movie (not hard to figure out the premise with the title, honestly…) I must admit, it had me from the intro.
Yes….the dog
Yes….the integration of the artistic slant.
And YES…the story!

It is so reflective of our lives.
We have a choice.
To delve deeply. Or to swim in the shallows.

This weeks starts…..

The important take away I must admit, is what I already knew.
However, the secret to this movie, that the critics are missing, is something that the younger generations are getting more and more wise to life. Including my daughter and son.

Life is beautiful – when you live it fully engaged.
And YES we do have choices!

My opinion? This movie is a must see.

Hector and the Search for Happiness Trailer.

After you see the movie, come back and read this again….
Did you get it?
What are yours?

Living fully,


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