Life’s Path is ever changing

I look back and I see my last post was July 4.

My how quickly things can change.
Just 3 days after that post, my father passed from this life.  He was doing what he loved to do. Working with his hands, creating and building.
I didn’t cringe. I was reflective and saw with reassurance, the importance of living life to the fullest.

Exactly one month later, I was going through my own life events. After a fluke accident, I found myself going through major surgery, and am blessed to say it was not life-threatening, however I am still in recovery mode – and will be for a good long time.
I haven’t picked up a ball of clay and thrown it on the wheelhead since my dad passed – until today.
I continued to design, draw, and create, with smaller pieces being the protocol for months.

Some people think I am a bit quirky because of the pieces I create in clay, ie: Urns. However, I find they resonate with who I am.
I have a deep respect for nature, and mirror that feeling in each piece of art that I create. Knowing – everyone passes from this life.
It sounds brutal, however, I believe we all are on this earth for a reason, and to experience life to our fullest capacity. It is our choice to make them great experiences or challenging ones.
What have I learned during these life challenges/changes?
Live life to the fullest.
Appreciate everyone you meet in your day, for it is an intentional opportunity.
Look at each event of your life as an opportunity to experience something grand.
Find the best in everyone.
When life hits you like a brick – pause and ask yourself if you are ready to listen yet?
Don’t waste your purpose in life.

Live fully,


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