Listening to the young as they resist.

Our conversations with those we care about are bringing us a dialogue we need to listen to.
We are in a shift that has made it’s appearance known – right now.
I visit with my son and my daughter on two separate occasions, and they mention my ‘political posts’.
They each call them out, however, for very, very different reasons. We are worlds apart. Or are we?
This is what fascinates me. I want to learn more! Why are they consciously choosing not to engage?
I ask myself, “Is it because they do not want to engage? Or is it because they do not agree with the language?”
For as I look at the political climate, it is driven by emotion that is sometimes heightened to an emotional level that is beyond passionate. Yes, for good reason. Our existence. Our earth. Our livelihood. Our stability – is being challenged.
I respect that both of my children have “actively chosen not to engage’.
I wonder. Is it the act of emotional resistance? The outbursts, anger, and for some – rage?
Do they bristle?
I must speak for myself. Sometimes I do. Quickly putting up safeguarding boundaries.
I have struggled with the word ‘resistance’. For me it carries negative energy.
I wonder what can I compare it to that has equal impact – is as well heard and understood as ‘resistance’ – yet is a positive word. Do you know of one?

Words are so fascinating, interesting, and yet sometimes so very misunderstood.
What one says and means may be completely different than what another hears and interprets – or feels – when hearing certain words.
Example from my son – blue. How do you articulate the definition of ‘blue’ as a color. Without a visual! One persons’ ‘blue’ may be so different – from another persons’ blue.
Example: The sky is so blue.  As I reflect on this, it may not even be a color, but an emotion – a sad emotion!
So when one says ‘resistance’ – I think of negative energy used to force someone to see their point of view.
I am finding that I am ultra-sensitive to the push of ‘resistance’.
I seek the outcome of positive change with love. Am I being sappy? No. I am endorsing open conversation. I hear my daughter talk about her past experiences in corporate America. How refreshing it is to hear someone engage in conversation to understand another person’s perspective that may be different from another.

My instinct tells me my children are teaching me that generations are changing.
This. This is what I am learning.
The younger generations are not the same as mine, or those before me.
They have gained a wisdom – from watching us!

Resistance. What is our history of the word. As a country.
This morning I had a conversation about what resistance meant in the 1970’s and in the 1990’s. We are a different people now, then we were then. We are also different generations.
We have evolved as a people. Our eyes are opening to what is around us. And we, as different generations, act differently.
Yes. It is ok to be angry. To be upset. To fight for the greater good.

Our differences?
These younger generations are choosing to act on what is their passion – what drives them. Instead of waiting for someone else to bring it to them. They seek it out.
They are not as materialistic as those that precede them.
They believe that they can change the world. And it does not have to include bullying or yelling endured and perpetuated in previous generations.
Question – Is it in their nature or how they have been nurtured?
I believe the answer is driven by the evolution of humankind. Of our own histories, and how we have been nurtured from previous generations. We have learned, and in turn – they have learned. Yes! That there are better ways to make changes in this world.
Current people in places of power are older, and yes, males. Older males set in their ways of power.
As in – they are using the tools they have been taught of their previous generations.
My ahaa… part of the shift I see evolving.
It is the other half of humanity.
The wisdom of our mothers. That power. That tough love.
This part of resistance feels different to me. It is filled with love power instead of control power.
For as a mother, I always send my children out to do the best they can do – in their own way.
It is a blend of toughness, with love at its core.
This is the resistance I will grab hold of.

I will say this gently. We need to look to our children. For they are teaching us lessons we need to learn. How to create change.
Lovingly. Respectfully. Passionately.

Living fully – carving a life,


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  1. Marilyn Hagar
    | Reply

    I enjoyed reading your post. The coming together of the old and the young is something that I have been dreaming and thinking about. I love this quote from Michael Meade in regards to this. “The Old Mind includes the eternal youth hidden in the heart of the elders as well as the old soul trying to awaken in the heart of each youth. When the oldest and the youngest capacities of the soul come together, then we have finally caught up with ourselves. Then, we can learn again how to hold the ends and beginnings of this world together.”

    The circle holding the elders and the youth is something I hold in my heart as the greatest hope for our world.

    • Michelle Kaisersatt
      | Reply

      Marilyn, I could not agree more! And such a powerful quote. It captures what my gut/intuition has always told me. The innocence and the wisdom. Both integral in healing this world. Learning from all and dispelling fear. Thank you for sharing!

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