Ever Present.

I have a belief that the spirit of those we love who have crossed over to the other side, are still with us. Loving us. Giving us encouragement. Listening. Responding.



WE need to be ever present! Because it happens. We just need to listen. Be observant. Believe.





You need an attestation?
Ok….Here is a personal experience.
My husband crossed over 4 months ago. We knew it was coming. However we lived our lives with so much fervor it was a rich, loving, invested time for us.

First. How do you know they are wanting to connect with you? By your unfiltered attention.
Those ‘hmmm that was odd’, or ‘that is a coincidence’. Yeah, those are no coincidences. They are signals meant for us to hear/see/feel that they are with us.

The opportunities to ‘communicate’ with our loved ones who have crossed over are everywhere.
I will repeat that…..E V E R Y W H E R E.

You only need to keep an open mind.
Did you hear the message that was sent to you? Did you read the line that resonated and felt like it was coming directly from your loved one? Through a song? Or words read on a billboard, or traveling down the road on the side of a semi?
The book that was put in front of you to read? The movie that had the message in it just for you? The person who told you something that was important to hear?
I was visiting my son out west a couple of months after my husband passed. Stopped at a little shop with everything from new furniture to cooking utensils to suitcases. A new/recycle shop if you will. In one of the rooms was a collection of books, tapes, and records. I did my usual peruse and wondered to myself what my next ‘read’ should be. Books tend to come forward that I am supposed to read. And as I looked up on the top shelf, there was a book sitting – facing outward. Ready to be seen. Not tucked away as would normally be the case. And I took that as an indicator that I was supposed to select that book. Which I did.

So a book is sitting on a shelf. Big deal!? And, it is what was inside that made it so profound.

My husband was in hospice at home before he passed. It was a very short hospice. Less than a week. And the processing for me was intensely short. I got it. Yes. But I had some questions.

And this book? The title was “Final Gifts”.

Yeah….it was about Hospice. All about…hospice. It was written by two hospice nurses; Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley, and shared stories and understanding. It was about what we need to pay attention to, when people are in their last chapter of life in the physical sense. And….it was what I needed! It allowed me to go back and revisit what my husband and I had gone through. It helped me understand, or maybe go back and process what had happened. THAT was the big deal!

I will say again….Our loved ones are everywhere. Present. Here. Always. Always.
We just need to pay attention and listen!

They want us to be happy and know that we are loved!
So…..start listening!

Living fully – carving a life,


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