Living our journey

The Journey – is living.

This life we live.
It is a path we can not foresee.
We are not even meant to ‘see’.
For if we did….
Would we skip some? Change some? Avoid some? Replay some?

We each live such a very unique and rich life.
And sometimes those experiences that make us who we are –
Our loved ones….may not even know about.
What brought us to this place?
Or what might have been a pivotal moment for us?

In this life we are writing our own story. As it happens.
And sometimes, as you and I both know, we forget what those turning points were.

So here is my thought for you today.
What if you had a cherished vessel, reflective of your essence…held and filled – by you.
Tidbits. Tokens. Stories. All placed, lovingly, by you, into this vessel, as a testament to your existence, as you live your life, joyfully.
And when the time comes for you to ‘cross over’, your gift to your loved ones, is a vessel of love and memories, stories, and the very essence, of you.

My wish for you?
Find a vessel. It doesn’t matter where you find it.
But most importantly….May it be a true reflection of you.
May you be joyful in knowing that as you fill this vessel, you are sharing a part of you that they may never have known. It will be given. By you. To your loved ones.
The ultimate gift. To celebrate – YOU!


“As I have created so many lidded vessels for those of us who have passed on, I realize it is not just a vessel for those who have crossed. It is for those who carry us forward!”


Living fully – carving a life,


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